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Joshua Cliff

I provide a very personal approach to Scalp Micropigmentation. 
I know all to well the confidence issues associated with Male Pattern Baldness, and it’s my driving passion into creating amazing, long lasting results for my clients.

When my hair began thinning in my late 20s and I gradually came to acceptance of just shaving it completely off a little over 10yrs ago.
Throughout that time I was your typical “hat guy” whether it was at social gatherings, out at dinner or on the cricket or footy field I would look for any opportunity to keep a hat on, even at night.

Since my SMP treatment, I only wear hats as they’re designed, to keep the scorching sun off my head!
Post SMP my confidence is back and my mental health has improved and I don’t avoid situations where the hat had to come off, and I feel as though I appear younger with a nice natural looking hairline with the close shaved cut with the 5 O’clock shadow look.

To book an obligation free scalp micropigmentation in Perth, please call our team at SMP WA today