Scalp Micropigmentation

The Modern Hairloss SOlution

SMP: The Revolutionary Hair Loss Treatment

Regrow Your Hair and Restore Your Confidence with SMP

Scalp micropigmentation, the most favored hair loss treatment worldwide, is changing individuals’ lives and restoring their confidence. From regular hereditary hair loss and modest hairline recession to alopecia and hair loss caused by burns or surgery, both men and women can now regrow their hair and achieve a full head of hair once again.Scalp micropigmentation can replicate a full head of shaved hair, even for completely bald men, using advanced micropigmentation techniques. It restores the visual appeal of hair density in both men and women who do not want to shave by reducing the contrast between the scalp and the remaining hair, making hair loss less noticeable.

Scalp micropigmentation is a highly established and creative treatment that is typically provided over three sessions, requiring a high level of expertise and skill to be performed correctly. While the scalp micropigmentation procedure was initially developed as a solution for male hair loss, experienced technicians have since modified the technique for a variety of customer conditions.

Following your scalp micropigmentation treatment sessions, you only need to practice simple maintenance, which involves regular moisturizing and the application of SPF sunscreen as needed. Clients simply need to visit the clinic for touch-ups every three to five years.